Friday, April 16, 2010

i missed most;

it doesnt mean that i do not move on with life,
it doesnt sound that i do not like my life now,
but it is something that i cannot erase from my mind + heart.

i was chatting with Azhani about the new v5 cafe in UTP (D'Jernih) and suddenly all that pass by mi mind. that we were eating nasi lemak kukus with sambal kentang and paru not forgetting sambal kerang, ayam goreng, kari kambing and etc. we will queue that long to just eat that nasi lemak. and we will laugh and look at people (look je ke? haha) and laugh again. we will lepak nearby the pond front of kedai dobi. we can stand the smell of the pond and drink coke, eat ice cream which we will buy at kopetro v5. and how everyone will wait for the next wednesday just to go to Taman Maju pasar malam to buy samosa, ayam percik, nasik tomato and etc. and sometime we plan to eat satay bota only 20 cent per piece. and some of us got their plan with their click to go for moven peak in Ipoh? perasan tak sume nye pasal makanan? haha

its not only about food, but with whom we share the momment to eat food together. ;D

i missed my food sharing momment with u guys! and implementing the method to my housemate too!

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